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Frontwoman Nadine Jordan a.k.a. Nad is the name-giver and beating heart behind Mad Nad Bo. Although Scottish at heart, Nad is Swiss. She grew up in St. Gallen’s Rhine valley, has lived in Zurich and Edinburgh and currently resides on the Southern shores of Lake Zurich. 


She loves blues, soul and jazz and combines these musical genres with more modern pop sounds in an attempt to bring those old-school sounds back into people’s ears.


Nad’s unique voice is accompanied by her husband Sandro Jordan (CH) on guitar, Annie Mumford (UK) and Dominique Borriello (CH) on drums and alternating band members on bass.


Their most important influences include Amy Winehouse, Peggy Lee and Muddy Waters.

In December 2017, Mad Nad Bo released their first EP titled “Things Left Unsaid”


After a bit of a break, during which a remix of "Anger" came out, Nad and the band are finally releasing new music again. In 2022,  “To Matt”, a bluesy heartbreak ballad, and “Lord I Tried” , a Motown-style song about not finding one’s place in our capitalist world, came out. 


Much more new music is going to be released in the coming months and years.
So, stay tuned!

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